Monday, October 25, 2010

The latest news

It is with deepest gratitude for everything we have learned, for each friend and connection we have made, for all the fun and even the hard work of the past 5 years that we write to tell you we are closing up Small Planet Trading on December 31st. It simply has not reached an adequate level of sustainability that would allow us to continue.


Are we sad about this?  Absolutely.  We sit in the ambiguity of grieving what has been but also feeling the liberation of letting go and recognizing the end of a season. We know that the vision and inspiration that created Small Planet Trading go with us into our next adventures. 

Do we think there is a future for fair trade and sustainably run business in the Gorge?  Absolutely,  We continue to believe that in the next 5-10 years most businesses will be shifting to more sustainable practices.  We have had 5 years of being at the fore front of that shift at the retail level.  Now we are ready to release our energies from this angle and put them towards another place in the movement.  We know there is no shortage of opportunity and look forward to finding our new places in the future.

Are we ready to explore what’s next now?  Not really.  We plan to focus on  closure with Small Planet over the next couple months first. 

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?
We are fully stocked for the Holiday Season and ready to help you find the unique and meaningful gifts that you love to give. Come shop today for the best selection. Throughout the holidays we'll be keeping our regular schedule and be here for business as you've come to expect it with a Small Planet flare-- goodies on the sample table, high quality handmade housewares and gifts, reasonable prices, and the Alternative Gift Fair in the shop for your giving convenience.

December 27-31 we'll be open every day with a final sale of any remaining inventory.

Will there be special sale prices before Christmas? No, much of what you see in the shop still belongs to the artist or Fair Trade wholesaler until you purchase it, so we don't control those prices. But after Christmas, any inventory left that we own will be discounted for quick sale.

Is the store still for sale? Why yes, if you or someone you know would love to own a wonderful, established shop, it is still for sale. 

Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, continue to shop at Small Planet through the year and bring your friends.  Support our letting go with a understanding comment or two but know that we are beyond the time of debating the merits of should we stay or should we go. 

We look forward to enjoying the shop and you all for the rest of the year. 
DeLona and Karen